We are committed to offering excellent client service by providing you with a team of professional, highly skilled personnel who have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the market.

Our Fieldwork Rationale

Reframe ResearchThe quality of fieldwork resources should be a key consideration for anyone commissioning research particularly given a large proportion of the budget will be spent in this area. The use of highly qualified and experienced moderators, researchers and analysts is critical to the success of a study.

Reframe Research has an excellent knowledge and understanding of all aspects associated with field and recruitment and has longstanding relationships with top fieldwork agencies to ensure high standards are met and maintained.

Traditionally clients have put their trust in market research companies to provide the appropriate fieldwork resources for their projects. From our experience, the provision of fieldwork resources including, recruitment, interviewers, researchers and analysts, is less transparent. The experience of these persons both within the therapy area and their experience with the methodology can be inconsistent and therefore will impact on the final insights provided.

  • Will the best people be involved to optimise your research and learnings?
  • Is the moderator highly qualified and experienced?
  • Who will be doing the analysis and how will they be doing it?

Reframe Research prides itself on providing a high level of quality at every stage of a project to ensure we meet the research needs.

Fieldwork Offering

    Cost Effective


    Global Access to Respondents (Physician & Patient)

    Specialist expertise - finding the right people for your project

Larger market research agencies can add considerable mark-ups to their fieldwork costs to cover their overheads and large staff ratios.    Drawing on our knowledge of the market and our relationships with top fieldwork companies Reframe is able to provide clients with a cost effective approach that is appropriate and will be able to answer your research needs, keeping mark-ups to a minimum and passing those discounts on to you.

To find out more how Reframe can make significant savings on your research fieldwork budget contact us here.

Reframe Research offers a wealth of research expertise and is dedicated and passionate about the work it does. Reframe is committed to offering excellent client service by providing you with a team of highly skilled professional personnel.